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Saturday, November 3, 2007

What tools I use to LISP

I started to study LISP a while ago and after all this months I am no more than a real beginner, however every time I use LISP I enjoy every piece of code written.

If you want to be easily up and running using LISP and are used to an IDE like I was. I recommend using CUSP with Eclipse. It is very good in terms of productivity and easy to install. Check out this link that teaches step by step how to install it on your system.

How to Install and use CUSP on Eclipse

By the way I use Ubuntu Linux 7.04 hopefully upgrading by the end of the month to the new 7.10.

The LISP implementation I use is SBCL. Make sure you have a link to its manual

I started studying the book Practical Lisp, but couldn't finish the book. The examples at the end weren't appealing to me so I switched to On Lisp which is too deep to me as a beginner and finally to Successful Lisp. In my opinion they are all good books, Successful Lisp and Practical Lisp being the best beginner's books. I hope I will be able to get back to On Lisp when I get more experienced.