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Friday, August 30, 2013

LightSwitch + XtraReports 12 to 13

A quick note about an issue I had trying to upgrade a Project to XtraReports 13.1 from 12.2. I installed the latest version of XtraReports as usual and ran the upgrade tool on my Project. Made all the final manual adjustments but could never get my Project to publish correctly. After a quick search on DevExpress forums I found out someone mentioning to not run the upgrade tool in this particular case, because it could corrupt the Project (maybe my case, don't know). Anyway, I reverted my changes in SVN, uninstalled 13.1, installed 12.2 and it worked fine after a few tweaks, mainly due to it being a slightly newer version. Later this month I will try the upgrade again, this time making all the changes manually to see if I get it working.